‘Let us pause from thinking and empty our mind. Let us stop the noise. In the silence, let us listen to our heart.’

Michael Leunig

katelijn vanacker mindful labyrint wandelen

I really enjoyed walking the labyrinth. A lot of things ‘happened’ in and with me. I came to mySelf. At the same time I felt very connected with our group and (what I call) the universe. An enormously rich feeling, for which I am grateful.

It was very meaningful and nice.

It was nice to celebrate the full moon like this. The labyrinth gave me peace and shelter. Connected with others and the Other.

Thank you for taking the time to explain the labyrinth. The walk itself was also a pleasant experience.

Monthly Mindful Online Finger Labyrinth Walk

Take a moment to be with yourSelf.

Every Wednesday evening around full moon, we do a mindful labyrinth walk.

A labyrinth walk is a walking meditation. It calms the mind, brings balance, serenity and peace.

We start at 19:45 pm  and end around 20:15 pm/20:30 pm (Brussels Time).
Check your timezone here

If you are participating for the first time, you start at 19:15 till 19:30 pm. You will get an introduction about the labyrinth and the walking. Then you can take a break and rejoin the walk at 19.45 pm.

At 19:45 pm we start with an introduction and a message or blessing for the group from a deck of cards. From there we set our intention for the walk. When you have a SoulCollage® card deck, you can set your intention from there. Then we do a relaxation exercise to prepare for the labyrinthwalk. First we walk the labyrinth together and then you walk ± 15 minutes in your own pace. We end in silence.
It is good to have a pen and paper ready to write down your experiences or insights after walking.

Upcoming dates

Exceptionally on Thursday 18th November 2021
Exceptionally on Thursday 16th December 2021
Wednesday 19th January 2022
Wednesday 16th February 2022
Wednesday 16th March 2022

One walk costs 14 euro per person.
Children younger then 12 years old join for FREE with a parent.
If you are taking part for the first time, you pay 10 + 14 euro (intro + walk).
If you buy a walking card, you pay 5 x 13 euro and get the intro for FREE (value 10 euro). You then decide for yourself which walks you participate in.
If you have a walking card, ask for the link via e-mail before 7 pm on the day of the walk.